William Anton Elementary School

The pillars of our Best Value services are transparency and collaboration.  Based on our experience, it is paramount that all stake holders can unequivocally trust each other in order for this best value delivery method to be successful.  The California Education Code 17406 permits this type of project delivery system.  With the “Best Value” delivery method, the owner can have more flexibility in selecting firms to participate in the project competition and with the ultimate selection of the preferred proposer.  Further, the owner can benefit from a well formed team of hand selected subcontractors based on project specific experience and customized criteria.  Best Value projects can include pre-construction phases which allow for collaboration, value engineering and constructability reviews.  The results of these efforts can be capitalized by inputting the adjusting the documents before DSA approval resulting in a more cost-effective and constructable set of plans and specifications.  This method encourages stakeholder collaboration and partnership which in turn allows the project to be completed more efficiently and effectively.

See the finished results of Best Value projects we’ve completed.

This dashboard BIM management tool identifies the collaboration effort by trades during the Pre-Construction phase of our LAUSD HS #15 L-LB project.