At Pinner Construction, our greatest asset is our employees. The collaborative business style exhibited by our team members create a pervasive positive partnering throughout the firm and our projects. Offering an industry-leading salary and benefits package and the most talented building professionals, Pinner Construction continues to enter and expand in the diverse market sectors throughout California. We believe that dedicated, diverse, and inclusive, workforce encompassing employees from all walks of life provides the foundation for creating and implementing innovative ideas. We embrace team building and deliver quality workmanship.

Come to Pinner!

Pinner Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Pinner Construction actively seeks employees who share a strong dedication to their own professional development and look to maintain a strong relationship with the Company. As a result, Pinner Construction has several 20+ year employees among our ranks with those numbers growing every year. In order to continue with the enhancement of our teams and talented individuals, we continuously recruit industry professionals who possess the necessary skills to provide excellence both on and off the job-site.

Pinner Construction offers a variety of internships for talented individuals looking to break out into the construction industry. As a Pinner intern, our Pinner Family will assist you in gaining the hands-on experience required to succeed within the Company. Our interns have the opportunity to study the ins-and-outs of Pre-Construction, Project Engineering, Administration and other crucial roles to provide a greater understanding of our Pinner Vision and day-to-day processes.

We appreciate your expressed interest in Pinner Construction and highly encourage you to submit your qualifications for review to [email protected].