OCEAN Charter School New K-8 Campus

A state-of-the-art campus for OCEAN Charter School's K-8 students.

Los Angeles, CA
Gkk Works (CannonDesign)
OCEAN Charter School

Sitting on 2.1 acres of land, the OCEAN Charter School New K-8 Campus Project involved the demolition of five school campus buildings and the existing concrete and asphalt surfacing. The new construction included three metal stud buildings totaling 63,000 square feet and a 20,000 square foot underground parking structure. Our team�s work included but was not limited to: waterproofing, doors, windows, casework, food services equipment, drywall, roofing, and insulation with MEP trades, etc. The project also required undergrounding power lines and the removal/relocation of power poles to accommodate new vehicle pick-up and drop-off land. The build required a complex sequence of phasing that featured dewatering, shoring and methane barriers. The zero-lot line conditions and limited logistical access to the project site were just a few of the challenges overcome by Pinner and our team of collaborative partners.

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