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project description.

This expansion project will be constructed in four major increments.  The first increment is the construction of an interim housing complex and related infrastructure.  Following the completion of the interim housing, Pinner will relocate seven existing classroom buildings to three other schools sites.  This increment includes the necessary site preparation (including utility infrastructure) to accommodate the relocated classroom buildings.   The next increment will be to upgrade the HVAC system and replace the roof assembly for  Building “C”.  This work includes removing and replacing the HVAC units and the entire roofing system.   Interior soffits will be removed and replaced to accommodate the new HVAC system.   Modifications to the controls and electrical systems will be made to incorporate the new HVAC units.   Upon completion of the work in Building C, a new 41K square foot two story classroom building will be constructed.   This state-of-the-art building will include 20 new classrooms, a computer lab and necessary support spaces.   The final increment of this project will be to remove the interim housing complex and restore the site to pristine condition.