Driffill Elementary School Additions P2P+ Project 1103
Oxnard, CA
This project is to build a new two story classroom building at Driffill Elementary School complete with site improvements and all utilities and services and the renovation and expansion of the existing Multi-Purpose bldg. including site improvements and all utilities and services as per plans and specifications including but not limited to:  -Construct a new 2 story P2P+ classroom building and renovation and expansion of existing Multi-Purpose bldg. complete for occupancy including all required structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work delineated and described in the Contract Documents and Specifications. -All utility connections from existing City utilities point of connections to the new P2P+ building and Multi-Purpose building. -Continue utilities to their points of end distribution or function throughout the building and systems that comprises the project. -Site improvements including paving, landscaping and irrigation, existing tree removal, walkways and adjacent grounds repair. -Parking/playground paving including new sidewalks. -Fencing around the new building and other places. -Covered walkways. -Installation of new Shade Structure. -Locate, expose, and prepare existing capped utilities for removal and/or continuation. -Removal and relocation of existing Interim Portable Classroom portables within a 5 mile radius of the school including new wood foundations at the relocated portables. -Removal and disposal of existing AC Paving and sub-base and importing soils. -Restoration of existing Baseball Field including irrigation and fencing. -Remove temporary parking area and restore existing basketball courts; re-install existing basketball poles, remove temporary fencing, fill in fence post holes and provide seal coat at existing AC paving area.
Project Documents